Space Rocket Roadshow

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Literacy & Numeracy


a)       Measuring to the nearest millimetre

b )       Measuring angles

c)       Measuring and recording temperatures

d)      Scatter graphs

e)      Using Excel

f)      Using and understanding scales

g)      Reading gauges

h)      Arithmetic for a purpose

i)       Introduction to formulae



j)       Writing instructions

k)         Following written instructions

l)       Verbal reasoning

m)        Writing explanations

n)         Report writing

o)      Scientific vocabulary

p)      Framing questions

q)       Extended writing, including stories and  poetry


As teachers, we know that motivated young people learn better than those who have no motivation. Involving them in exciting science which uses a host of literacy and numeracy skills is a superb delivery model. It adds value to their learning. Words can be forgotten, pictures stay in the memory, but actions involve every learner. Pennies drop. They get it! If you are following Cornerstones,  Space Rocket Roadshow with definitely engage your children.

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